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Hypnosis is recognised by the British Medical Association and has been used successfully as a treatment to control pain and cure many psychosomatic conditions such as IBS, Impotence and Skin Disorders.

Hypnotherapy has a powerful effect on unwanted destructive emotional states such as anger, jealousy, rejection and negative patterns of behaviour.

Hypnotherapy puts your mind into a deep relaxation. Although you are fully aware throughout the whole treatment, a powerful connection is made with your ‘sub-conscious mind’ .

Your sub-conscious mind is the hidden programmer which is responsible for the way you behave! Using positive affirmations whilst you are in a state of deep relaxation has an amazing effect on your behaviour.

The treatment is also a powerful tool in building confidence and can therefore
be used successfully to help in Public Speaking, Sporting Ability, Passing Driving Tests and Exams.

Diane Bygrave – A fully qualified advanced hypnotherapist who is on the UK Hypnotherapy Register and is a Licentiate member of the Hypnotherapy Association.

Diane is one of the few hypnotherapists who is trained in 'Inner Child Therapy' Many conditions can relate back to childhood and with this specialised therapy it is never to late to resolve an unhappy childhood.

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Mind over matter hypnotherapy for:

Smoking, Weight-loss, Phobias, Anxiety, Improving sporting ability, Public speaking, Emotional states such as anger, jealousy and rejection, Passing exams/driving tests, And more...

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